We are Mac to the Future. A team of time travelling cheese enthusiasts who are pretty precious about our pasta. And hover-boards.

We’re a street food vendor that specialises in Mac and Cheese at a range of events. From weddings, to office lunches and festivals…we’ve got your back.


We are bringing a once loved family favourite back to the 21st century. We’ve travelled through time to bring you the creamiest and cheesiest mac you’ve ever tasted. Using the best ingredients from both the past and future makes our mac ‘n’ cheese second to none. Nada.

Our Mac is made fresh, whether that be at a festival, event, or you’ve ordered some cheesy goodness to your home. We only use fresh simple ingredients and keep our menu pretty small. What’s worth doing is worth doing right.


  • Quality – We’re proud and transparent about our ingredients. From the Taw Valley Cheddar, to our Italian Macaroni. Simple, quality ingredients are key.
  • Original – We’re focused on our product, not anyone else’s. Plus…have you seen our name?!
  • Sustainable – We only source packaging that’s sustainable and compostable, and are committed to a low waste policy. We make our product fresh because a) it tastes waaay better, and b) because that way waste is minimal.
  • Time Travel. We’re working on it.